Introducing Igbo Women League of Minnesota

Welcome to the Igbo Women League of Minnesota’s web page. We are glad you are here. The Igbo Women League (IWL) has existed for thirty years. We have dedicated time, money, and resources to improving our community in Minnesota and beyond.

Our accomplishments continued to grow over the years. We are so proud of how far we have come. Last year, the city of Brooklyn Center recognized IWL with the Random Act of Kindness Award. IWL is growing and making an impact in our community. Our achievements in 2023 include continuing to partner with the Minnesota Department of Health to vaccinate our community through grants received from the state. In December 2023, every individual who received a vaccination, whether initial or booster dose, went home with a hundred-dollar Visa card per person. This effort brought relief to families during the festive time, and we are happy to make an effort to make our community a healthier place while also providing economic relief during this difficult time.

Our Youth Mentoring and Leadership Program for Children of African Descent (YMLP) was a resounding success last summer. We engaged children from all races in a variety of educational activities, bringing our vibrant Igbo culture to life through language, cooking, drumming, and dance classes. The highlight of our program was the re-enactment of Egwu Onwa, a traditional community gathering under the moonlight, where our parents shared and learned from the wisdom of the elders. This not only provided our children with a glimpse into their parents’ childhood but also fostered a sense of cultural pride. Additionally, our children had the opportunity to explore various places in Minnesota through funded excursions, further enriching their learning experience.

Our Motherless Babies Homes, which IWL donates to in Nigeria, received an increase in the amount we donate to them to compensate for the country’s economic difficulties and hardships. We continue to support about eleven homes and are looking to help more credible Motherless Babies Homes.

Our Scholarship Program, which sponsors the less privileged girls in Nigeria through secondary and tertiary institutions. These girls also have a choice of vocational studies for those who decide that part. Every year, we add five more students to the scholarship program. We are so pleased to see our students graduate. Most of these girls have promised to help other girls when that opportunity comes. IWL is indeed training a community each time we successfully give one girl a chance.

We continue to depend on your generous support. Please consider donating to IWL. Your Money is being used judiciously to support the most vulnerable members of our community. We are here now, thirty years, because of your donation. Thank you so much.

Long Live IWL
Mrs. Anne Akwuba
IWL President

What We Do Our Projects

Igbo Women League of Minnesota continues to carry out its mission and objectives through the.

Youth Mentoring and Leadership Program

This is the eleventh year of the program designed to inculcate in our bi-cultural children.

Scholarship for Disadvantaged Female Students in Nigeria

For several years IWL has offered these scholarships for educationl advancement of female students from low-income families in Nigeria.

Motherless Babies Home in Nigeria

This is the tenth year that IWL has funded orphanages.

Volunteering Programs

In recognition of outstanding achievements, IWL is proud to announce the availability of the PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

The Igbo Women League of Minnesota is committed to unifying, identifying, educating, and promoting the socio-cultural and economic development of Igbo Women and their families residing in Minnesota while improving women's and children’s lives in Nigeria.

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